AUGUST 14TH 2021 20:00



Prague was not as familiar with jazz, blues and swing as Paris was in the 1930s. Although Ježek kept up with the latest developments in the genre through purchasing records of his favorite artists (such as Duke Ellington) and formed a band modeled after famous swing bands in Paris and USA, his own artistic output was clearly influenced and coloured by the local classical tradition and way of music making, sounding fairly distinct from the music of those of his contemporaries who had access to authentic exchange and collaboration within the jazz scene.

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What we want to achieve as Duo Replica, is to keep finding rare musical gems (such as Ježek's works) and present them with our own personal twist.


Inspired not just by music we enjoy and stories we want to tell, but also by artists in many other disciplines (such as fashion designer Martin Margiela, known for deconstructing and reconstructing existing pieces of vintage clothing), we take a piece of music apart to it’s simplest, primary shapes and sounds - and put it back together in our own way, using the medium of violin and live electronics.

We don’t want to observe the historical piece behind a museum glass display, we want to feel it, play with it, destroy it a little, repair and rebuild it to best of our ability and imagination - and tell you all about what we found.


(available on August 14th)