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Learn to play the violin


About the teacher

Natálie Kulina, Czech violinist based in Den Haag, has graduated with a Master of Music degree in classical and modern music at Conservatorium van Amsterdam with the grade of 10/10, and has since worked as a concert violinist, playing solo, in small chamber groups and ensembles, and as a freelance musician in various symphonic orchestras around the Netherlands (such as Residentie Orkest, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, Sinfonia Rotterdam, Noord Nederland Orkest, and more). She has performed as a soloist with orchestras around Europe, and is a leader and concertmaster of the Doelen Ensemble in Rotterdam and a sought-after collaborator for recording studios, composers of new and film music, and artists collaborating on projects combining several art forms together.


As an educator, she has experience in private teaching, but also as a guest teacher at the Brno Conservatory (Czech Republic), where she has also previously graduated with distinction before moving to the Netherlands. 


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About the lessons

I have a practical approach to learning, combining the best, most effective elements of Czech, American and Russian schools of technique, with things that are simply fun. I approach each student with a personal and creative mindset, finding ways to help you learn more effectively, using knowledge of neuroscience of learning and pattern making. I am happy to work with any ages, levels of playing (from beginners to advanced and pre-conservatory), learning differences or diverse physical abilities, music is open to all.


As a child, I was in rigorous classical music training, which has won me several international children’s violin competitions, but what I actully value and remember most about my journey learning the violin was the joy and opportunity to participate in something bigger and learning a language that does not know borders as a musician. 


For both children and adults, learning the violin doesn’t only train the brain cells and improve motoric skills, but also opens up the world of playing music together, be it in student or amateur orchestras and groups, but also along with other musicians you’ll meet throughout your life, or along to with your favorite artist’s songs in your room.


In my lessons I offer traditional classical music training, teaching technique and pieces of classical music, based on my 20 years of work with leading teachers and violin virtuosos, but also lessons for those who wish to learn just enough to play their favorite songs from their favorite singer, and improvise along. 


We will use the violin in all genres of music and base our learning plans on your wishes, dreams and ambitions, always custom-designing your learning trajectory together and adjusting as needed along the way.

I can help you find a violin, if you don't have one yet, but for beginners, there are plenty affordable options online to start with.


Lessons can be scheduled on appointment, and will take place in the comfort of your home.


English (preferable), Russian, Dutch, Czech



Children and young adults under 21 (free of VAT charge):

30 mins 30€

45 mins 36€

60 mins 42€


Adults over 21 (incl. VAT):

30 mins 38€

45 mins 44€

60 mins 50€


It is possible to arrange lessons outside of Den Haag, too: I can come to you as far as Leiden or Delft, etc. A travel fee for public transport based on tram/2nd class train ticket is added for lessons outside of Den Haag.


Trial lesson (30 mins) for free.

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