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-I feel something’s wrong.

-Do I feel alone? Am I alone?



I’m surrounded by hundreds of versions of myself. Sometimes they prod and mock me, sometimes they stoop to deceit, sometimes they tell a merciful lie, sometimes they console me. 

Here I sit in the corner while they stand around me in a circle, questioning me about the circles I can’t seem to escape.

Here they are, one by one.

Here stands the version of me from yesterday, then the one that should have been, here is the one I hope to be tomorrow. 

The one that’s real, and then the one I want you to see, and all of those versions of me cry out their truths and bids to overpower one another, repeatedly, until their words form an unlikely choir, a chant, a strange sounding melody.


It resonates like a market hall I remember visiting each time we went to Kiev when I was little. Except instead of fresh pirozhki, what’s on offer here is somewhat of a museum of ways I believe I have failed myself.

Funnily, all their bids are just the same, just sung out, exclaimed, in different tones.

All want to be understood and loved.

We wonder what questions and thoughts were on your mind while watching and listening? Please share it with us if you feel like it.

That's it! Thank you for coming (and sharing)!

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