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Lera Auerbach: Ballet for a lonely violinist (2002)

Natálie Kulina - violin, costume

Monika Vaškorová - direction, videography

Arnold Marinissen - sound

produced in 2021

From the start, I had the intention to record Lera Auerbach's 'Lonely suite' as a visual piece - the work itself posesses incredible theatricality within the music: whimsical, ironic, meditative -

describing six different moods and states of loneliness.


The dark corner of my circles is a performance piece combining aspects of contemporary electro-acoustic music, theatre and visual art. It explores inner monologue and interactions with the outside world. How much of our real self do we show to others? How much do we curate their perception of us? How much do we choose to see and understand about someone else, as a mere spectator in their story? 

Naida Amorim - visuals, Amarante Nat - composition, Arieh Chrem - sound design

Made thanks to generous support of Rizoom.

JANUSZ (2022)

Film score by Anne Teikari

Natalie Kulina & Anne Teikari - violins

Ido Zilberman - sound

I particularly enjoyed working on Anne's music for this short film, as it 

explored the most natural, raw and vulnerable sound pallet of the violin, one I find most touching and insistent, and most similar to human voice.

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